Monday, December 04, 2006


Have you been to Pasar Anyar???

Pasar Anyar/ Ciomas, Have you been there?

Where is the largest shoes wholesale market in Indonesia?
Yes, you are right, PASAR ANYAR…

What is the second Largest?
Metro Tanah Abang Basement Floor  Hopefully…

I can’t count how many shoes wholesale players in Pasar Anyar, maybe hundreds or thousand players there.

There are few blocks in Pasar Anyar, have been running shoes business for years.

Where is the largest shoe maker in Indonesia?
Yes, CIOMAS is the largest; I believe it’s larger than Cibaduyut?
Almost all people lived in Ciomas are Shoes Maker :D.

What is the shoes wholesale rate in Ps Anyar?
It varies, starting from 180rb/20pairs or more than 1 mio / 20 pair (for imported product).

Have you been there?


Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Tda-sepatu, very promising

My senior business practitioner said, you don’t have to be an ‘expert’ to be a business owner.

Pak Roni the owner of manetvision was successful in doing Moslem fashion business, even though he was not an ‘expert’ in fashion, Pak Rully the owner of Synergy Logistic Freight Forwarder and Auto Detailing expert in IT, instead of shipping or car detailing :)...

They said "Leave it to the ‘expert’…"

GrosirSepatu.Com, was set up 3 months ago (Sept 2006). We were all like entering into a jungle. None of us (10 members) of tda-sepatu (mentored by H. Ali) had experience in Shoes Business. But we all just took action, “just do it”, Bismillah.

And now, we are starting to be an expert in shoes business.  hehehe...
Like, we know that:
- Where the center of shoes business in Indonesia.
- Children shoes are best to be sold in after School Holiday or Lebaran
- Women shoes, was mostly people like to sell, since usually women have more than one pair of shoes.
- Men shoes, I am still exploring this, since I got no experience in this.

If you starting up a shoes business, or wanted to explore, here are some briefs you may want to know.

Tips#1: Price range

The first concern I would like to share with you is the Price Range. One of my partner shop in Metro Tanah Abang, sells sandal/shoes with the price range of 25rb – 35rb easily, compare to when they try to sell the price range of 80 rb per pair.

@ Metro Tanah Abang, we can say very price sensitive, since the image of shopping in Tanah Abang is cheap, and good. (In Singapore kiasu ppl they usually said “Cheap, Cheap, Good Good, Long Last) ”

My other partner shop in BSD Junction (agasta-shoes), have different story.
Their collection are varies, they provided local shoes below 80 thousand, and import shoes with price of 135 thousand.

So, please be familiarized with your leads approaching to your shops.

Tips#2: Your ISO (irresistible sensational offer)

Potential margin in sandal/shoes business is quite high, since the risk is also high, it can be as high as 100%, 200% or so. When you buy in party (wholesale) normally it comprises of the size: 37,38,38,39, and 40, and normally size 38 is the most easily one to sell. So selling the two 38 should be BEP, and the rest would be your gain, it should be more 100%.

The other factor why we can have that high potential margin, because it was not easy for customer to estimate the production cost of shoes/sandal. Only shoes business practitioner knows :D.

With that high potential margin you can dance with ISO like Buy 1 Get 1 Free.

@, they got high quality sandal/shoes that customer normally estimate the price above Rp. 150.000,- . But they SRP (suggested retail price) was only Rp. 135,000,-
And you know what? The wholesale price was only about Rp. 40.000
So, if you run a But 1 Get 1 Free, your cost only 80,000, and your gain 55,000 => that’s more than 68%.
Please check the site

Or you may want to give your customer a Polo T-Shirt for Free, for every one pair. The production cost of T-Shirt will no more than 40,000 I believe. It was a double action anyway, since you can put your logo store in the T-Shirt :D
Ads for FREE!!! Hehehe
Interesting huh!??

Tips#3: Your customer’s taste.

I have funny and interesting story here…
We got collection of high heel colorful shoes, we called it ‘Dangdut’ shoes, since I feel it was suitable for dangdut singer  kidding, well actually that shoes was not my style. But I can’t believe it… the shoes was easily to be sold, few replenishment has been made, since until now, people still buying ;)

Have a nice try.

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